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October 2014

October Meeting
Claudia Gantivar will be returning to South Bay to direct our chapter meeting at 7:30 PM on October 3rd in the Choir Room of San Jose Congregational Church. Claudia is a specialist in early music with a Master of Arts in Recorder Performance at the Conservatory of Music in Geneva, Switzerland (2004) under the direction of renowned conductor and flutist Gabriel Garrido.

She lived in Europe eleven years, and while living there, she participated in several seminars and master classes in recorder performance by Jerome Minis, Han Tol, Pierre Hamon, Nicolas Strosser and Pedro Mesmeldorff. In 2000, she was selected to participate in several large music productions and concert tours with various European ensembles, including The Baroque Academy of Ambronay (France) with performances in France, Switzerland and Belgium. After returning to Colombia, her country of origin, she was selected to be one of the professors of the Early Music Program in the Conservatory of Music of Bogota. In 2006, she founded the early music ensemble Esfera Armoniosa in Bogota (

Claudia also participated in different recording productions, such as, "Le Balet Comique de la Royne" by Baltasar de Beaujoyeulx (1997) by the Emsemble Elyma (Switzerland). In 2007, she collaborated on the recording of the CD “Del mar del alma" by the Colombian ensemble Música Ficta, which includes musical repertoire from the archives of Bogotá’s Cathedral and dates from the Colonial period. In 2009, Claudia and her ensemble Esfera Armoniosa recorded its first CD, “Io vo Cantar” containing Italian music of the early 17th century.

In July 2009, Claudia moved to the USA to continue pursuing her professional and personal goals. In 2010 she collaborated in the Early Music program in the Palm Beach Atlantic University in Florida. Since moving to California in 2012, she has been a guest conductor of several workshops in the Recorder Societies around northern California, and the Mid-Peninsula Recorder Orchestra. She has also played with different groups in the area like the California Bach Society, the American Bach soloist, and Farallon Recorder Quartet.

Claudia writes, “This meeting includes Italian music madrigals for the beginning of the Baroque era in XVII century, madrigals and canzonas. We’ll end this session with some arrangements from folk music from South America. Enjoy it!!!”

Her schedule for the evening:
7:30 G. Dalla Casa after Cipriano da Ror “A la dolc’ ombra” (1584)
8:00 G. Gabrieli, “Canzona a 8” (1608)
8:30 Pause
8:45 Paolo Quagliati, “O bellezza gentile” (1608)
9:15 Latin American Suite: Carnavalito, Huayno, La cumparsita
10pm END

President’s Message
Our evening with Shira Kammen was a joy as she introduced us to Lasso pieces in both four and six parts. The 4 part Liederbuch Bonum Vinu piece was a good challenge and the Cancionero de Palacio provided us opportunity to change from 4/2 to 3/2 smoothly. Our final piece was a kind of round as we moved from each line to the next in order to play all parts. Thank you, Shira, for sharing your love of early music. We welcomed several newcomers to the South Bay Recorder Society. Do invite others to join us as we grow and learn from each other. See you a week earlier on October 3rd.
Liz Brownell, President

Treasurer’s Message
Thanks to the 17 members who have already renewed! That's out of 27 total as of last spring. I'm looking forward to hearing from the rest of you. And welcome to two members!

Helen Shamble's application arrived out of the blue in early July. She's a busy woman, who didn't show up to our September meeting. I hoped to chat with her on the phone but instead she emailed this introduction: "I was raised in the San Diego area, attended Cal and have lived in Santa Clara for 30+ years. My husband Al and I have 3 children, all up and grown and married and spread to university towns around the country (Eugene, Ithaca, Charlottesville). I teach 4th and 5th grade in the Moreland School District, though my husband is retired. I'm beginning to feel quite jealous of all of the retirees in my life! Recorder-wise, I've played off and on since childhood (a recorder being much easier to carry around than a piano or a string bass). I especially enjoy helping my 4th graders learn to play in our school music program. Just a thought: It would be fun to get some retired recorder players to volunteer at school...but that's a conversation for another time!" Personally, I'd like to hear more about the piano and the string bass. Welcome, Helen, and hope to meet you one of these days!

New member Marty Klein, a licensed marriage and family therapist with seven books and dozens of national TV appearances to his credit, grew up in New York City. He came to Santa Barbara for graduate school and ended up in Palo Alto. He had voice lessons at age 5, followed by recorder lessons in elementary school and three years of clarinet in junior high. Then nothing....until he discovered the vibrant early music scene in Santa Barbara in the early 70s and quickly dusted off his recorders. On coming to the Bay Area in 1985, he enrolled in SFEMS workshops and studied with many of our local professionals until he seriously injured his hands in 2000. Just a year ago, after much therapy, he was able to play recorders again. After a year of practice and lessons at Stanford, his first attempt to play with a large group was at Bob Eltgroth's August SBRS play-in. Thrilled with the result, he came to our September meeting, played, and joined. He says he's ready for a consort. Welcome back, Marty!

Anne Ng, Treasurer/Membership

Thank you, Rachel, Bob, Laura, and Margaret for responding to my request for refreshments for the September meeting. I have a reminder for Marcia and Michèle who volunteered to bring goodies for the October meeting.
Jean Ridley
, Hospitality. (

Music Opportunities
Mid-Peninsula Recorder Orchestra 2014-2015 season rehearsals have begun. They are held on Wednesday evenings from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM at Jane Lathrop Middle School. Room 060; 480 East Meadow Dr., Palo Alto. The orchestra is open without audition to recorder, early win, and early string players who are able to read and play the music provided at meetings. For further information visit the MPRO website

Schedule of SBRS DIRECTORS for 2014 - 2015
12 September -Shira Kamen             
3 October – Claudia Gantivar            
14 November - Andrew Levy         
9 January - Joyce Johnson-Hamilton   
13 February - David Hogan-Smith

13 March – Members’ Night
28 March – Workshop – Glen Shannon
April – Judy Linsenberg
May – Greta Haug-Hyrciw

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