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May 2015

May Meeting
South Bay member Greta Haug-Hryciw will be the director for our last regular meeting of the season at 7:30 PM on May 8th in the Choir Room of San Jose Congregational Church. Greta is a third generation San Francisco native. Early exposure to great music shaped her appreciation of it: her father and both of his parents were symphony musicians. Greta took up the recorder in high school, and as her musical interests diversified, she sang with a women’s world song ensemble for several years. Among her teachers are recorderist Hanneke van Proosdij, percussionist Peter Maund and didjeridoo virtuoso Stephen Kent. Greta is a frequent teacher and director’s assistant at summer workshops as well as guest conductor at American Recorder Society chapters. She was co-director of the American Recorder Orchestra of the West (AROW) from 2005-2010 and is currently the co-director of the Barbary Coast Recorder Orchestra (BCRO) with Frances Feldon, about to enter its 5th season. Founder of the recorder ensemble SDQ, Greta also appears with the Peralta Consort, Ensemble Trecento, Grypons Wild, and the contemporary ensemble Uncorked. She teaches recorder to students of all ages, produces concerts and arranges music for small ensembles and recorder orchestra. For her program on the 8th,

Greta writes,
We’ll start with Alonso Lobo’s beautiful Ego flos campi (SATB) – his setting of this beautiful verse from the Song of Solomon (2:1,2) which appears in the book of instrumental music played between mass movements at the court of Lerma in Spain. This text also was set by other greats including Clemens non Papa, Monteverdi, and Guererro. Here it is, played by the Gabrieli players (shawms and sackbuts):

J’ay pris amour tout au rebours (for ATTB) based rather playfully on a popular tune of the time, “Jay pris amour” – also set by Obrecht, Japart, Isaac, Josquin and others. This version was thought to be by Martini, but scholars at Amherst feel that Busnoys (Busnois) is the correct attribution because of the humor in the title (I’ve taken love backwards). Apparently Busnoys took the tenor line from the rondeau J’ay prins amour a me devise and inverted it. Here is a lovely rendition by ensemble Les Flanboyants:

Oswald von Wolkenstein’s Ave Mater, O Maria is a beautiful trio (AT T or B) which is beautiful on any combination of instruments. The music is older than either of the previous pieces on the program – Wolkenstein was from 1376-1445. Here is a performance by Ensemble Leones:

Something lighter and different is a setting of a Columbian folk tune, Anna for SATB. This piece has some interesting, but not difficult, syncopations that occur in the top three voices, with the bass keeping a steady rhythm going.

We’ll look at a couple of pieces by Hans Ulrich Staeps. Schalmy and Czakan (SAAT), from his Sieben Flotentanze, are fun, familiar, and offer a bit of a challenge. The quarter note patterns in Czakan look simple and straight forward, but you have to pay attention. The first alto has some scary looking high notes, but you’ll find them easy enough once we work with them a little bit.

To close the evening, we’ll play John Denver’s Perhaps Love which I arranged for my ensemble a few years ago. Here is the studio recording of Denver singing it with Plácido Domingo in 1981 (dig the hair on the studio musicians):

President’s Message
Our evening with Judy Linsenberg featured music from England with a 6 part piece, probably by Leetherland. We tuned to each other and all played their part to harmonize with other parts. This was followed by The King of Denmark's Galliard which also provided opportunity to listen to the other parts. The final two pieces of the evening, by Purcell and Bach, emphasized wonderful solo parts accompanied by others on continuo parts. More would have wanted to play the solo parts but the harmony of the continuos including dissonances enriched the experience. Thank you, Judy, for sharing some of your favorites with us.

May is our annual meeting. We have so many loyal members of the SBRS Board that everything has run smoothly. Special thanks to Michèle Kelly for finding our directors for each month, Anne Ng for keeping our membership list and finances straight, Marcia Wire as secretary, Jean Ridley for Hospitality, Harry Stewart for music distribution, Laura Gonsalves for the monthly newsletter "South Bay Buzz", Fidele Galey as webmaster. I hope to have members of the Board as Co-president as I limit my involvement but will keep in contact with the Church. Thanks to all of you for your support and continued participation.
Liz Brownell, President

To be elected at May Annual Meeting:
President - Liz Brownell
Vice President – Michèle Kelly
Secretary - Marcia Wire
Treasurer - Anne Ng
Newsletter - Laura Gonsalves
Historian - Anne-Marie Wiggers
Hospitality - Jean Ridley
Librarian - Georgiana Rudge
Membership - Anne Ng,
Music Distribution - Harry Stewart
Webmaster - Fidele Gailey

Treasurer’s Report
New member Merryl Kravitz was born and raised in New York (City), but relocated to New Mexico for graduate school, followed by years of teaching middle school English, and then teaching teachers. She moved here two years ago to become Dean of Language Arts at Evergreen Valley College.

Merryl was introduced to flutophone in third grade, followed by recorder in fourth through sixth grade. During that time she had a one year fling with piano lessons. She moved on to clarinet in middle school and high school bands, and taught herself guitar along the way. Her next musical outlet came years later in New Mexico when she joined a recorder ensemble, and added a borrowed tenor to her soprano. When that group ended, she joined a church hand bell choir--until she moved here. Last summer she bought a used tenor and googled "recorder" and found us. She joined SBRS at our February meeting. Welcome, Merryl!
Anne Ng, Treasurer/Membership

Many thanks to Fidele, Diana, Liz, Laura, and George for providing refreshments for the April meeting. I would like to remind Daniel that he volunteered for our May meeting, supported by Liz and George – and delicious leftovers from Fidele.
Jean Ridley, Hospitality. (

Music Opportunities
The Westminster Presbyterian Church Early Music continues with the following two concerts:

Saturday, May 23rd, 2015, at 7:00 PM. The Albany Consort; Jonathan Salzedo(harpsichord), Laura Salzedo-Rubenstein, and others. (

Saturday, June 6th, 2015, at 3:00 PM: The Peralta Consort features music from the late renaissance, baroque, and modern periods. Kraig Williams and Michèle Kelly (recorders), Mike Megas (recorders/flute), Breene Yuen (traverso), Kathleen Thompson (violin), Mark Lurie cello), Jack Perng and Libby Kardontchik (harpsichord/organ), Julia Airapetyan and Jennifer Randolph (sopranos).

Saturday, May 30th, 2015, at 2:00 PM, The Mid-Peninsula Recorder Orchestra will present a concert at Trinity Presbyterian Church, 1106 Alameda de la Pulgas in San Carlos. The program will include works by Giovanni Gabrieli, Francisco Guerrero, Josquin des Pres, Giorgio Mainerio, Adam Jarzebski, and Johann Phillipp Krieger. For further information please see the orchestra’s web page at

Schedule of SBRS DIRECTORS for 2014 - 2015
12 September -Shira Kamen             
3 October – Claudia Gantivar            
14 November - Andrew Levy         
9 January - Joyce Johnson-Hamilton   
13 February - David Hogan-Smith

13 March – Members’ Night
28 March – Workshop – Glen Shannon
April – Judy Linsenberg
May – Greta Haug-Hyrciw

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