Calendar of Events


Date Event


Friday, January 9th

Chapter Meeting - Joyce Johnson Hamilton directs

Saturday, January 31st

MPRO Workshop - Adam Gilbert directs

Friday, February 13th

Chapter meeting David Hogan Smith directs

Saturday, February 21st

Concert - Driftwood Consort

Saturday, February 28th

Concert - Flauti Dolci & Amici I

Friday, March 13th

Chapter Meeting - Members' Night

Saturday, March 28th

SBRS Workshop - Glen Shannon directs

Friday, April 10th

Chapter Meeting - Judy Linsenberg directs

Friday, May 8th

Chapter Meeting Greta Haug-Hyrciw directs

Saturday, May 23rd

Concert: The Albany Consort

Saturday, May 30th

Concert: The Mid-Peninsula Recorder Orchestra

Saturday, June 6th

Concert: The Peralta Consort

Sunday, June 28th

Play-in at the home of Fidele Galey

Saturday, June 11th

Play-in at the home of Georgiana Rudge

Saturday, August 8th

Play-in at the home of Bob Eltgroth and Mary Paquet

Friday, September 11th

Chapter Meeting - Louise Carslake

Friday, October 2nd

Chapter Meeting - Glen Shannon

Friday, November 13th

Chapter Meeting - Fred Palmer


Friday, January 8th

Chapter Meeting - Shira Kamen

Friday, February 12th

Chapter Meeting - Frances Feldon

Friday, March 12th

Chapter Meeting - Member's Night

Saturday, March 19th

SBRS Workshop - Greta Haug-Hryciw

Friday, April 8th

Chapter Meeting - David Barnett

Friday, May 13th

Chapter Meeting - Andrew Levy

Last Update: October 1, 2015

The SBRS meetings are held on the second Friday of each month, from September through May in the Choir Room of the First Congregational Church, 1980 Hamilton Ave. San Jose, CA  95125. The church is at the corner of Hamilton and Leigh. 

For more information...E-mail: or call (650) 223-7139 Liz Brownell, President of the SBRS.